Friday, May 26, 2006

Worshiping Venus

Here is a special service at Pansi's church. We can see Julia kneeling before Venus and accepting Holy Communion by snorting sand from her kitty litter box. Doo-Doo Girl hangs from the ceiling and Audvey seems to be sick after their communion, but Daisy chose to have hot dogs instead.


cheesemeister said...

It looks like a lovely service! My cats P.E., Raymond, Leon and Trinity were worshipping with them astrally. Isis, however, believes that she rules the universe. And I tend to suspect that she is on the Dark Side with some of the frightful caterwauling she makes!

weirsdo said...

We hear at N4GJ did NOT aproove!!!!!!! Joolya just barged in and we coudent stop her!!!!! But after what Brittney was doing it was sort of a releaf!!!!! The Cave Troll use to keep Captist's OUT!!!!! But hes jellos since P-Doggy came to my sho!!!!!

ariel said...

I admit I'm still confused who is who of all these dolls.

Lammy said...

Don't feel bad, Ariel! I am confused, too!

weirsdo said...

Doo-Doo Girl is hanging from the rafters. She looks funny around the eyes because she is Doo-Doo Man's consort and does a lot of drugs.
Brittney is behind the altar with the Weirsdo kid voodoo dolls. She has a lot of black paint because she is a Goth-type person and deeply respects Satan, even though she acknowledges Jesus as a higher power (when pressed).
Aubvey is in black. She is easily recognized by her orange hair towers and tiger-stripe facial tattoos. She is a big fan of the Auburn Tigers football team. She may be wearing black here because Algernon has stopped coaching the Hobbesywood Bears, and she had a thing for him.
Pansi is up by the altar wearing pink and looking queenly. She is ALWAYS THE SUPERSTAR, a legend in her own mind.
Daisy is in the front eating a hotdog. She is greedy for food and money and bulimic. She has a thing for President Bush, who has been known to share his weiner with her.
Diamonelle is not shown, but is easy to remember. Hired as a token person of color by Pansi and Mr. Banana (also easy, since he is a Frodo doll), who are racist, Diamonelle is the show's lead singer and the babysitter of Joon, the Doo-Doos daughter (a smaller, Stacy doll). Diamonelle is the only member of NG4J with any sense at all.

Lammy said...

Clear as mud.