Friday, May 26, 2006

A Cheesey Seclusion

It seems that Axe Man of the group Death Cheese has locked himself in his room and won't come out. He just keeps singing to himself. Even the Cheesemeister can't get him to budge. We hear that he is love struck over Brittney of the Pansi Files.


Brittney said...

Yo, Axe. Whose your decorator? I want the number.

Animal Anarchy said...

So he's let Kathryn in through the window, has he? I didn't realise that she was into black magic. He probably plied her and her friend with alcohol. Look at this mess! What a slob!
Oh wait...that's what the rest of the house looks like too!

Axe Man says:
Brittney--I am ok with beeing the Other Man if yu want to keep dateing the Beest. I have ultamite respekt for The Beest in all his meny forms.
The Axe Man

cheesemeister said...

That last post was me. It's my animals' screen name and I'd forgotten to sign back in as myself! Axe Man can't read very well (as you can tell by his spelling) so he could care less what screen name he posts with.
Don't let him fool you that his lousy English skills are due to the fact that he's Norwegian. He's equally illiterate in his native language!
The Cheesemeister