Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Nixon-Checkers Together Again

It was back in the early '50s when Richard Nixon first gave his famous "Checker's" speech. Now, after more than half a century they are re-united in Heaven. Aw.


weirsdo said...

I think you're wrong there, Dusty. See today's post. That must be one of the pandas Nixon got from the People's Republic of China.

weirsdo said...

P. S. I've changed my mind. That whole picture is a hoax. I can believe the pandas are in heaven, and even that Dusty visited and took pictures. But you'll never get me to believe that Nixon was there!

cheesemeister said...

I didn't know Checkers was that old! He certainly was well preserved. Although as Weirdso said, the picture is likely a hoax.
I am still grieving over Checkers' death.