Thursday, May 04, 2006

Android Gen. Has A Grown Daughter!

I went to the Petesville Library of UnNatural Science and did some digging. I sniffed out this photo of the good General with his now grown "half-robot/half-doll" daughter which he had many years ago . This goes to prove that robots and dolls were able to produce metal and plastic rug rats long before the Blochalela Foundation Institute Place began their experiments. Documents from The Library of UnNatural Science revealed that the Robot General had taken Digital Viagra which made his laser sword very potent.

It has also been rumored that Kathryn's alcoholic binge has worsened since they performed a "cat" scan on her with the Tricolon Digitizer. It was said that her screams were louder than Chat Cat's when he went to the vet and Kathryn's cries for mercy could be heard for miles around like that of the producer who found his horse's head cut off and in his bed in the Godfather movie. It is believed that Mr. Banana's ties with the Mafia is behind the cruel treatment of dolls and stuffed animals at the Blochalela Foundation Institute Place and we urge everyone to skip work and take part in the protest march against them!

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Indignant Blochalela said...

This is nothing but a tissue of lies!!!!!!
There is no such place as the Petesville Library of Unnatural Science!!!! I have no idea who that doll from the General's passed is, but I am sure you will make Daisy-2 very unhappy by publishing that scuriless photo!!!!
Sadly, Kathryn has still not availed herself of the wonderful treatments at our facility!!!!!
And Sissy and the whole cast of NG4J will tell you that Mr. Banana treats his dolls real good!!!!!