Saturday, May 27, 2006

Brittney Blow Up Doll Found

A blow-up doll of Brittney of the Pansi Files was found in the singer Axe's bedroom. He belongs to the group Death Cheese and had a crush on Brittney until he met Lammy. For full details, go to Growing Up Lammy.


weirsdo said...

That is NOT Britney!!!!!!!
That is my CUZIN, Flouring Kudzu!!!!!!! And she is NOT a blow-up doll!!!!!!!

Lammy said...

Flowering Kudzu? You mean Blooming Idiot!

cheesemeister said...

Wolfie sez:
Gotterdamerrung, Axe ist making me look like monk! I must getting me sum chix, very quick. Send der babes to me! Axe don't have nothing vhat I can't do better! All vimmen come see der troo stud uff der Death Cheeze!

ariel said...

Dusty, I posted two pictures of an unknown doll on Photobucket, she was laying in the trash behind our house last Spring, do you happen to know her?