Thursday, May 11, 2006

Pirates? Finlandia?

What's really going on over there at the Pansi Files? Is Kathryn just back to film-making and producing a commercial for Vodka? Or is something really sinister afoot?

Also check out Lammy for details of her trip with Brittney to visit Harry Potter!


ariel said...

all those people and one bottle of vodka. new Surviver?

weirsdo said...

I see at least two bottles. But I believe the gang sincerely are Anti-Captist guerrillas.

cheesemeister said...

They're lucky Death Cheese wasn't along, or that bottle of vodka would have been gone well before anybody else could have gotten a swig!
The Lutefiskies are from Finland, but they really don't care where the vodka they drink is from, as long as it keeps them properly pickled!