Thursday, May 25, 2006

Diamonelle Sings For Cheesemeister

Dusty got this photo and an audio of Diamonelle (backed up by the twins) singing a beautiful song for the Cheesemeister in honor of this nice post she wrote. Diamonelle can really sing very well, but Mr. Banana will only allow her to do rap songs on stage. After the song, the Cheesemeister was discussing the bios of the Death Cheese Band. This made us wonder if Diamonelle was considering leaving the NG4J of the Pansi Files to join the Death Cheese Group! The rumors are flying!

To hear the song click on picture or Click Here


Diamonelle said...

You know that's total bulls@#t, Dusty Dog!!! You took my beautiful performance and substituted that tape of Perlette and Safira fooling around with the helium balloons at Mrs. Weirsdo's birthday party!
And I have total artistic control over MY part of NG4J!! I don't work anywhere where I am not 100% R-E-S-P-E-C-T-E-D!!

cheesemeister said...

Diamonelle, this was very beautiful! Because I appreciate your talents, I promise that you will never, ever be allowed to join Death Cheese!
To see other talented performers who were mercifully rejected from Death Cheese, refer to this post:
You are in excellent company!
The Cheesemeister