Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Devil and Back Masking Music

On the Devil's Blog, he posted the song we posted yesterday by the Death Cheese Band with the Naked Gymnastics for Jesus, but the Devil played the song backwards to show the back masking on it!


cheesemeister said...

I really hope that this won't destroy Death Cheese's heinous reputation. Curse that Axe Man's unbridled lusts anyway!

Lammy said...

I bet Axe Man Guy could really cut a rug! But if you slow dance with him it may be your last dance. I bet that blade is sharp!

cheesemeister said...

Axe Man's dance style is unique to say the least! Believe it or not, he is one of Death Cheese's most popular members. But rug cutting is truly one of his finer skills. He is marked for death in Olde Persia where we teleported courtesy of Soggy last week. The Sheik wants the Heads of the Smelly Cheesy Ones for destroying his fine rugs with their filthy shoes, drunken vomiting and axes!

Speaking of rugs, the Word Verification Word is: