Monday, May 29, 2006

It Was Nurse Malibu

It was Nurse Malibu that was attacked by the Killer Rabbit, not Daisy 2 as first reported. We do make a mistake once in a while. She is reported to recovering quite well in the Doll Emergency Unit. Nurse Malibu works for Dr. Doo-Doo, the pill pushing doctor from the Pansi Files. This is an old file photo that depicts the good doctor out on the town with his nurse, which revealed just another scandal in that sin city of Petesville. This, naturally, raises some questions about the recent attack. We suspect that the good doctor's wife, Doo-Doo Girl had something to do with it. She must have put the rabbit up to it or planted it where it could harm the good nurse. It has been noted that Doo-Doo Girl has been jealous for some time. It was also suspected that Doo-Doo Girl released the Killer Rabbit onto President Carter back in the 70's because she said, "I drive a Ford truck. Ford is better!" It was also rumored that it was Doo-Doo girl who was in the Watergate Hotel with President Nixon when that scandal known as 'Watergate' broke out.


Doo-Doo Girl said...

PullEEZE!!!!! I am, like, 17 or so?????
Also, Nurse Malliboo ran off with the Harry Man and his freind's!!!!!!! along time ago!!!!!!!!

Dusty Doggy said...

Hey Doo-Doo Brain! Check out my editorial page, the link by my beautiful picture where it says I am the Editor-in-chief!

Daisy said...

Beautiful?????!!!!! You have got to be kidding, Dirty!!!!!
A hot dog your not!!!!!!

ariel said...

the nurse was beautiful, could be seen even when she was in two.

something tells me you alone know who's behind the Kennedy murder, Dusty Doggy?