Thursday, May 04, 2006

Guest Speakers on NG4J

Pansi introduces her guest speakers for her show "Naked Gymnastics For Jesus". First there was Mona Lisa who spoke on the topic of the Da Vinci Code and she revealed personal stuff about Leonardo like revealing he was left handed like Mrs. Weirsdo. But Pansi could never get her to say why she had that smirk on her face all the time.

Then there was Tony Snow from Fox News who is the President's new Press Secretary who told us that we really didn't go to Iraq! It was just filmed on a Hollywood back lot to embarass Mr. Bush.

We also heard rumors that Mr. Sal Banana was considering changing the name of the show to Naked Politics and Arts. The secretary at the Pansi Files just handed us a form letter in response to our query.


weirsdo said...

This had NOTHING to do with are sho!!!!! It was just a ploy at a press confrance to destract the mean reporter's from asking mean question's about Irock!!!!!
We NEVER have depresing, newsy tipe stuff on are sho!!!!
No ofence Mr. Snow!!!!!!

weirsdo said...
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Lammy said...

Dusty is so jealous of Tony Snow because he got that job and Dusty didn't. Dusty wanted it soooo badly!