Friday, September 29, 2006

Pansi Sinks To All Time Low

Pansi has hit an all time low in her career as her fame and popularity diminish. We did our Paparazzi best getting this photo of Pansi and her Cave Troll in a drunken stupor outside of Ugly Grace's. She has fallen just like her status and lies in the dirt and mire of skid row. After this, we are beginning to think that a "come-back" would be impossible!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Aubvey's Tarot Card

This card signifies achieving an auspicious providence through stability amidst movement and provocation by use of strategy combined with the enthusiastic support of devotees for the cause guided by the Cheerleader.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Should Movies Be Censured?

There's a movie going around that has a fake scene in it where the U.S. President gets the cramps and diarrhea and has to be rushed to a toilet. Personally, we feel these kinds of movies shouldn't be made or at least, people shouldn't go see them. But the movie-going public seem to flock to flicks with shitty scenes like that. We suspect that Mr. Banana had something to do with the production with a plot involving the President eating some of Daisy's hot dogs.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pansi Seeks Publicity

Pansi has been making appearances on cable news shows trying to promote her pseudo-religious program and social movements. It was reported that this was the lowest rating the show has ever had, which resulted with the firing of Mr. Banana as an associate producer with the network. The host complained that in all the decades of his career on radio and tv, he has never interviewed anyone as unintelligible as Pansi.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Pansi's Interview

When Pansi was at the height of her career, before she began her fall, I had this interview with her:

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Pansi Demoted To Has-Been

The once popular almost superstar, Pansi, is celebrating her seventeenth birthday again, but this time as a "Has-Been" superstar.

Many conspiracy theories have been surfacing considering her sudden change in status. It appears her spotlight of fame is dimming as she falls into the shadows of the competing talents of the more talented performers on the Stuffed Animal Planet.

One theory is that it was feared that Stuffed Animal Planet may be reclassified like Pluto and become a "Dwarf Planet" if Pansi continued to be the vanguard for the entertainment complex.

Another theory is that Mr. Banana, the executive producer, wants to move on to the "Next Level" and give all his other talented subjects and sundry projects equal opportunity to expand and grow.

Many feel that Pansi is highly over-rated and was mistakenly pushed to the forefront and promoted with hype.

Yet another theory attributes her illicit cyber affair with Doug of Waking Ambrose as casting doubts on her sincerity and veracity as a moral leader in the fantasy community.

It has been noted that Pansi has been pushed into the background in the past several months due to the more talented personalities that have become available and the more diverse enterprises of Mr. Banana which Pansi could not successfully compete with.

Many thought Pansi as foolish, but when she opened her mouth, she removed all doubts.

It is time for Pansi to gracefully step aside and allow the true talent of the Stuffed Animal Planet to shine as she quickly dims into oblivion.

Yet there is another theory about the situation. Some believe that this is only a ploy for publicity so that Pansi can suddenly emerge bigger than ever in a spectacular "Come Back"!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Flowering Kudzu Fed To Sharks

The poor girl just can't keep her life together. She is always going to pieces. Flowering Kudzu tried to disrupt Toyplayer's Pirate Play to protest that there wasn't any women in it. That was the wrong place to protest and with the wrong kind of people! The pirates merely tossed her overboard with the sharks.