Sunday, June 11, 2006

New Church For Petesville

Venus the Holy Cat sits on the altar with Julia, flanked by Brittney in black and Pansi in pink as they dedicate their new church since the original was destroyed by Axe of the Death Cheese on the Devil's Day, June 6.


cheesemeister said...

It's beautiful! Notice that I left the band home this time so it won't be destroyed until the next time Brittney invites them to play there!

JULIA said...

I am there in PROTEST! I hid behind the altar and came up in the midst of the ceremonies to rail against the Christinane "religion"! Venus kept asking me to leave them alone, but I believe she, an infant goddess, needs me to encourage her to be stronger and more militant: "Onward Captist so-o-oldiers!
Marching as to war!
With the mystic litter
Going on before!"