Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Flick Production Halted

Miss Minnie Strator, the Administrator of something at the college where the filming of "Plan 9 From The NetherWorld" had begun it's first day of filming on the campus, has stopped the project in its tracks. You know what? She looks a lot like someone else, but I just can't think of whom it is. What happened was that Minnie Strator saw that first shot in the movie where Holle, the grandniece of Wolfie of the Death Cheese, walked into the shot and flashed. The Administrator of something cried out "Filth!" That sure does sound like someone else, and I wish I could figure who? (I just hate that word "whom" because it sounds so goofy, Besides, I am the editor-in-chief of this rag and can write any way I want! First Amendment!) Anyway, there will be no more filming until there is a complete investigation.

Minnie Strator is a character of the Pansi Files.
Holle, Wolfie and Death Cheese are creations of the Cheesemeister.
That woman I can't think of is a creation of AP3.


Lyanne Sakks said...

Pssst! Dusty!
The other night when Lammy was on her knees in the gutter outside of Ugly Grace's, completely inebriated, none other than Little Bar of Soap appeared from beyond the grave to torture her blighted soul. And some group of poltergeists keeps pestering one Hashish Henry, 7-11 clerk. There is a huge ghost problem going on these days, don't you think?
Ominously, the word verification is hazrrzl. This sounds like some kind of demon that I heard those Death Cheese characters chanting to one night!

Dr. Minnie Strator said...

Once and for all, that is not a picture of me! I am much more attractive and compassionate-looking! And my title is Ass. V. P. for Curriculum Dilution at Veryred State Univ., a large, modern state university in the South which does not resemble the campus where you were filming, being.
I do, however, have a large number of relations who serve the public good in similar capacities as myself, for example Alvin Chipmonkk, and this may have been one of them. It is possible that she even has the same name as I.

Mrs. Dr. Weirsdo said...

Dr. Minnie asks you to excuse her administrative assistant, who typed ", being" instead of a period above.
You should not use "whom" in the phrase "who it is," because "is" is a verb of being and cannot take an object. Therefore the subjective case, "who," is correct.

Dusty Doggy said...

That must be what he meant when he said "It depends on what is is."

Lammy said...

Oh, Miss Sakks! That must be why blogger crashed! It's not wise to chant veries while roasting marshmallows on an open flame during a full moon. Those Death Cheese guys!