Wednesday, June 14, 2006

April Assists Beelzebub Teach Biology

April of the Pansi Files has been assisting Beelzebub in the classroom as he attempts to explain to the class about Soggy of the Death Cheese. It is unclear who the other assistant is on the right of the picture. Maybe Tinkerbell? April invited the Cheesemeister and Soggy to visit her Nature Retreat but Pansi vehemently protested saying that the Death Cheese would probably tag along with them.


Brittney said...

I can't believe there waisting there time with APRIL!! I hope Soggy throws up. That'd be a Nature lesson.

Death Cheese said...

Hi Brittney!
We wud like to cum see yu again soon! Maybe after we play Vogon Idoll and get back frum Lake Hali. We will play at ur church any tim!
Deth Cheez

cheesemeister said...

Soggy and I would love to visit the nature retreat. The Curmudgeon's Club and the Spawn would probably tag along, but Death Cheese is easily diverted by cheap booze.