Monday, June 05, 2006

Alvin Shot!

Dog Face Girl has told us that Alvin Chipmonkk, Cheesmeister's boss, has been shot, but he is okay because he has such a thick head. He was just dazed, she told us. He was reportedly at Ugly Grace's during kereoke night and he insisted on singing a Pink Floyd song when someone from the audiance rose and shot him because they thought he was so bad. To hear the tape of the incident, go to Dog Face Girl's Blog.


cheesemeister said...

He must have figured that they had no jurisdiction over him in the Nether World so he went there, the dirty fugitive! The search still continues for Nutty Squirrel.

Dusty Doggy said...

Oh. We thought Ugly Grace's was in the Nether Land with all those dykes in there.

cheesemeister said...

That was probably Wolfie's scandalous lesbian porn star grand niece Holle Sieisteine Fregatte and her entourage. Wolfie pretends that he doesn't know who they are but it sort of gives it away when Holle shouts "how's things hanging, Uncle Wolfie??"