Thursday, June 08, 2006

Angelon Injured Working As Harry's Stunt Double

Angelon and Lammy were not really dating, as most suspected. They were just business partners, working together to obtain a job as stunt body doubles for Harry and Hermione on the set of their new movie. That means that whenever something dangerous had to be filmed, it was Angelon and Lammy posing as the original stars so that the stars would not get hurt because if they got hurt then they couldn't finish the movie and ... oh, you know all that!

So here's the scoop! Angelon and Lammy had to get on the brooms and fly around while they shot a scene for the movie. But Angelon made a sudden stop and the broom Lammy was riding wreck 'em and went up Angelon's rectum. The hospital lists him in fair but uncomfortable condition. We tried to ask his wife, Daisy about his condition but we couldn't understand a word she said because she kept stuffing her mouth with hot dogs! She seemed to be mumbling something about having a mystical meaning but we sure can't figure it out if she does.

Dr. Doo-Doo Man is the physician caring for Angelon but he could not be reached for comment due to an abundance of accidents on the set of Naked Gymnastics for Jesus TV Show. There is a Daisy #2 who is rumored to be the clone of Daisy #1, but #2 just walks around in a daze asking, "Where's the robot? Where's the robot?"


cheesemeister said...

I think they should include a picture of Angelon's accident in a medical textbook.

Angelon said...

FYI: The alleged "incident" is a fabrication by Lammy who is desperate to get my attention as part of her scheme to be accepted by Brittney. I hope everyone will stop sending those get well cards to me care of the Blochalela Foundation, because their contents are embarrassing, to say the least.
I have no idea if the hospitable redhead was involved in stunt work for any film, but I am far too busy supervising Hobbes' menu to enter into any such enterprize.
I am also no longer married to Daisy, which is probably what she was trying to tell you.
Daisy-2 is a sad case, and it is cruel of you to invade her privacy and exploit her grief.

Lyanne Sakks said...

An anonymous source has brought it to my attention that Angelon is actually under the care of Dr. Doo Doo for substance abuse and the whole accident story is just a ruse.

Dusty Doggy said...

Ohhhhh! Now I get it! That is the real reason Lammy has turned herself in for treatment of substance abuse, so she can be near Angelon! How enlightening. Thanks Lyanne Sakks. You're my kind of paparazzi!

Angelon said...

I am not "under" ANYONE'S care! You and your ilk, Dirty, are the biggest pain in my posterior. You must have me confused with Pendant Ken. If Lammy has actually checked herself in for treatment thinking he is I, she is going to get one hell of a shock. (Of course, shock treatments are big there anyway.)