Monday, February 26, 2007

Al Capone Shot Kudzu

Al Capone shot Flowering Kudzu in the alley the other night. It was first thought that it was Vinnie Barbarino, but that report was wrong. Vinnie cleared the matter up with this comment:

"That is Al Capone! He's using my name! I'm a handsome fellow in my fifties with black hair that isn't dyed, I swear it! I usually wear a school letter jacket. Or a white disco suit when I'm going out on the town."

Flowering Kudzu is recovering in the laboratory of Dr. Schitz where he is putting her back together. His new assistant, Daria Morgendorffer, is working on the details of the bill to be sent to Lammy because they blame her for the incident since it was Lammy who was fooling around with Al. It was said that he was on the lamb at the time.

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Yam Man said...

I'm Shyster Pettifogger's new paralegal and we propose that you go with the defense that how could Al/Vinnie/whatever the hell his name is have shot anybody when he was occupied being on you?
You might know me. I'm Hashish Henry's cousin.