Sunday, March 04, 2007

Laughter, Love & Assholes

by Spooky Gal

Hello, darling. To start, let me say that Love and Laughter are two of the most powerful forces of energy in the universe. Laughter is said to be the best medicine and will help keep you in good health along with a loving relationship. And Love, like laughter, will cut down stress as long as it is genuine and not spread around too thin. Well, it should be thinly, but what really counts is the thought and feelings. Like love, it is the feelings you share that really makes the difference more so than just the act of physical sex, darling.

Don't get me wrong, sweety, sex is nice. As a matter of fact it's great, and it is best with the shared feelings of love.

And to really get healthy, laugh during sex! That really puts the two most potent forces together. But watch out, it can backfire. If your partner thinks you are laughing at him or her, it could destroy the relationship and degrade it very quickly into disgust and hate.

Now, hate is bad because it creates stress in the body and eventually destroys the person housing this stressful force inside. Take heed to this, my love.

I should know. I am a spirit. Like a ghost or ghoul or angel. Like that. But I was once a living girl, but unfortunately I got in the habit of laughing during sex, especially when I smoked pot. That was my downfall. One guy took it that I was laughing at him. So now I am a spirit. So I can only give this advice: Don't make love with assholes who take themselves seriously. They only laugh at others and can't laugh at themselves. And they can't take it when someone laughs at them. Believe me, darlings!


the spooky guy said...

Could you please stop talking about sex, Cousin Spooky Gal? It really creeps me out! Particularly since I know you have stolen several pairs of my boxer shorts and blamed it on underpants gnomes!

Mad Lad (King Smut's nephew) said...

My hand once took it too seriously when I laughed during masturbation and really choked my chicken but good!

Dr. Quincy said...

Do you know what kills the mood (and possibly the participants) in a sex act more quickly than anything? Eating a big bowl of Dirty Sanchez' chili before getting busy. I've seen more people end up in the morgue this way!

the spooky guy said...

Actually, Cousin, I am very relieved to find out the nature of your demise. You see, for years I thought that my sister had smacked you a good one with my hockey stick when she caught you stealing my underpants and that perhaps she had been a little more zealous than intended. I can now rest a little more easily in my afterlife knowing that I do not have to keep this terrible secret any longer!
I am sure that Chief Jerry is disappointed though. He was ready to slap the cuffs on my sister at the moment of her passing into the spirit world. In fact he was telling Officer Sexxi that he'd wait fifty or sixty years or whatever if he had to in order to nab her. Guess he'll have to find someone else to chase now. I wonder if Arsewipe has broken any laws recently, other than those of good taste or common decency.