Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Dog's-Eye View of The Cheesemeister

by Dusty Doggy

Is it possible to figure the mind of a writer by the characters he/she creates? Most experts or smart people who teach say 'no'. But I tend to go against the grain of those smart guys, besides, I'm just a dumb dog looking at humans from the outside, so maybe I am more objective.

Let's look at the Cheesemeister and her blogs. Ha ha ha ha! This will piss her off for sure! Imagine, being analyzed by a dog! But who could hold a grudge against a little old doggy.

To start with, most of her characters are dead. Now what does that tell us? Well, dead people don't change once they are dead. This makes me feel that she likes people who are very consistent and rigid in their behavior patterns. Predictable, you might say. That is very puzzling considering that she claims to be so changeable and moody or even bi-polar. She may prefer stable characters in the sense of the north star in that it is always in the same place and she moves around and can set a fix on the star. She is very changeable, but can always find her bearings by the consistency of her characters.

Dead people have no future in this world, but only memories. What does this mean? Hell if I know. I suppose she enjoys thinking about past events as opposed to what might be going to happen to her. We know how everything turned out from the past, so unlike thinking about the future, we don't have to wonder and worry what might happen. Even if something turned out bad in the past, at least we know, unlike the uncertain future.

So I figure she is searching for stability in an unstable world, security in an insecure world, or maybe consistency in an inconsistent world. Well, something like that. And she seems to have found the unchanging, stable, consistent and secure world in the Netherworld.

Oh, boy! I'm a happy mutt now! I just love to piss humans off. And sometimes even piss on them or their legs! I can sleep good tonight!

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Cheesemeister said...

Not bad, Dusty. You were actually more accurate than Dr. Fraud, who claimed that I had penis envy just because I hate the pee splattering on the backs of my legs whenever I have to take a squat in the Netherworld Forest and the wind happens to be blowing.