Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Testifies

by Dusty Doggy

Anna Nicole Smith made a surprising appearance at the courtroom today as they were arguing where she should be buried. She pointed her finger at the cameras in anger saying she is getting more press and publicity in death than she ever enjoyed or suffered during her entire lifetime. The judge kept trying to say she was out of order and that the deceased could not testify at her own hearing and it has no precedent in law. She claimed she would take it to the supreme court if she had to. Unfortunately, before she could make it clear where she wanted her body to be placed, the Devil appeared and scolded her, telling her to get back to hell where she belonged!

1 comment:

Lyanne Sakks said...

I really look forward to having Anna Nicole come to the Netherworld! She's the biggest thing since PANSI!