Monday, July 17, 2006

Pendant Ken & Pendant Ken?

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the behavior of Pendant Ken since he has left the Blochalela Foundation of the Pansi Files. He was seen with Wolfie of the Death Cheese, then with Pansi. The question arose concerning his sexual orientation.

The truth came out on a talk TV show when Pendant Ken made an appearance with Pendant Ken! Yes, himself! So the questions change right as we thought we had the answers: Is there more cloning going on at the Blochalela Foundation?

And if so, even more questions arise. If someone is cloned, could one clone be gay and the other straight?


weirsdo said...

I truely hope BOTH Pentent Ken's will come to JESUS and leeve the path to Sod em and Gonnorea!!!!

Wolfie said...

Maybe I should solve meine sex problems und get cloned too!

weirsdo said...

That would only double them, Wolfie.