Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Brown Bear Brownie Restores Partial Memory of Dog Face Girl

In our continuing investigation of the strange Blochalela Foundation Institute Place of the Pansi Files, we have already discovered that several ghosts or spirits such as that of Ayn Rand and Sigmund Freud have been seen there. The specter of the good doctor seems to have taken on a affable association with Brown Bear Brownie, the resident hypnotist for the Foundation.

The Brown Bear was assigned to a session with the Dog Face Girl in an attempt to restore her memory which was lost after a high dive into a low well. When the good doctor's specter mentioned that Dog Face Girl was in denial, Brown Bear Brownie could only think about his love for Emrald and the fun sessions he had with her when they regressed to her past life in Egypt along the Nile. Thus he sent Dog Face Girl back there.

The shock brought the Dog Face Girl partially back to reality. She could only recall her marriage to the Alien Guy and ran back to him, leaving the Foundation behind before Brown Bear Brownie could complete the session to restore her whole memory. The Alien Guy was thrilled to have the Dog Face Girl back and he became un-gay and broke up with Wolfie of the Death Cheese Band.


Wolfie said...

Ya, das ist ok. Because now that Milli Vanilli looks like himself and not der Skinny Spooky anymore, I am trying to convince him that he needs der full time massage therapist, und I don't mean der ugly buzzy fly vhat ist in mine band!
I vill miss der anal probe uff der Alien Guy though!

ariel said...

beautiful love story.

Fiske said...

May be if yoo want to barf. Now me and Loreli the Mutant Mer Made is a butiful luv story!