Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Dr. Doo Doo's Tarot Card

When Jove sent blessings to all men that are,
And Mercury conveyed them in a jar,
That friend of tricksters introduced by stealth
Disease for the apothecary's health,
Whose gratitude impelled him to proclaim:
"My deadliest drug shall bear my patron's name!"


cheesemeister said...

Man! This doesn't sound like anything I've ever learned in any of my medical classes!
Oh yeah...it's esoteric and stuff. Huh huh! That's cool!
Oh hell--I think I'm morphing into Beavis and/or Butthead! Help!

ariel said...

who's G.J.? I like that poem a lot. I understand little of it, though, after "by stealth" the grammar is all confused to me. :-/

weirsdo said...

Ariel: "introduced . . . disease" for the sake of the apothecary's health; the apothecary profits from disease. Then the apothecary is so grateful that he proclaims he'll name his deadliest drug "disease" after his benefactor. I guess this means the apothecary is a source of disease as well as its cure.
Anyway, I too would like to know who G. J. is.

Dusty Doggy said...

The poem was in Ambrose Bierce's Devil Dictionary. We found it when we looked up apothecary on Answers.com and it showed the poem. We'll try to find out who G. J. is, if I can figure out how to do so.

ariel said...

thank you, Weirsdo!