Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Errors of Our Ways

I don't take any offense (even though I sounded defensive) if you mean the word "offend" as "causing displeasure or resentment in another." And you did not offend like breaking a law or rule. But, come to think of it, there does seem to be some ridiculous rule of etiquette that implies we should be super tolerant of other bloggers' mistakes and lack of preparation for presentation or self-editing; but that seems phony when I see that. The use of grammar, spelling and choice of words, as well as rhetorical techniques are as important when posting a blog or comment as personal hygiene and choice of clothes when encountering others in person. The fun of using fictional characters is that we can apply improprieties in the form of irony or something like that.

The errors in the previous post was not part of the character of Dusty Doggy as a hack, but a mistake due to the lack of simple reading and checking for accuracy prior to publishing. We don't need to wear a tux or evening gown to visit our next door neighbor, but it is courteous be clean and to call them by their proper name (unless joking with them).

The idea behind Lammy's blog is that she has a nice looking blog but writes like an uneducated person speaking in person from the top of their mind. And Dusty Doggy is a parody of a hack writer who doesn't really know the facts or understand what he is talking about. But the error of calling Henry "Harry" is just carelessness and lack of simple checking before publishing because there is no legitimate reason for doing that in the name of satire, parody or the like.

I have often wondered why Isaac Asimov, one of the most prolific writers of all time, didn't make many more mistakes and errors than he did. Perhaps he could self-edit at the same time he was writing. I once had a word processor that had a spell check which would alert me when I made a mistake while I was writing, but that was annoying and would break concentration of what I was writing or the train of thought. Now most word processors wait until you have finished your text and you activate the spell check before they begin to detect errors. Being able to edit our work while we are writing is multi-tasking or concentrating and focusing on two different things at the same time like Joon would do (may she rest in peace). That is sort of like God being omnipresent in the sense he is supposed to be able to listen to billions of individual thoughts and prayers all simultaneously. Now that would be mega multi tasking!

Oh, it seems I just felt like rambling around today. Let me know how wrong I am. Thanks.


cheesemeister said...

Death Cheese has been offending people on every level since their initial formation and will continue to do so as long as they're together.

Doo-Doo Girl said...

I am SO touched that you put JOON right up there with JESUS!!!!!!!!!