Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Pansi Demoted To Has-Been

The once popular almost superstar, Pansi, is celebrating her seventeenth birthday again, but this time as a "Has-Been" superstar.

Many conspiracy theories have been surfacing considering her sudden change in status. It appears her spotlight of fame is dimming as she falls into the shadows of the competing talents of the more talented performers on the Stuffed Animal Planet.

One theory is that it was feared that Stuffed Animal Planet may be reclassified like Pluto and become a "Dwarf Planet" if Pansi continued to be the vanguard for the entertainment complex.

Another theory is that Mr. Banana, the executive producer, wants to move on to the "Next Level" and give all his other talented subjects and sundry projects equal opportunity to expand and grow.

Many feel that Pansi is highly over-rated and was mistakenly pushed to the forefront and promoted with hype.

Yet another theory attributes her illicit cyber affair with Doug of Waking Ambrose as casting doubts on her sincerity and veracity as a moral leader in the fantasy community.

It has been noted that Pansi has been pushed into the background in the past several months due to the more talented personalities that have become available and the more diverse enterprises of Mr. Banana which Pansi could not successfully compete with.

Many thought Pansi as foolish, but when she opened her mouth, she removed all doubts.

It is time for Pansi to gracefully step aside and allow the true talent of the Stuffed Animal Planet to shine as she quickly dims into oblivion.

Yet there is another theory about the situation. Some believe that this is only a ploy for publicity so that Pansi can suddenly emerge bigger than ever in a spectacular "Come Back"!


Nervous Norvis said...

I like Pansi! I say boo hiss to this idea of demoting her!
I'd say more but Dr. Schitz says I have to go now. Apparently it's time for more medication.

The Boy from S.A.C.A.D.A. said...

Maybe Pansi can marry a G.I. Joe doll, settle down have kids and stuff.

I want to see won of her naked gymastics dances but my mother wont let me.

PANSI said...

I am NOT demotted just becuz mrs. Weirsdo does not no how to do a selebraty blog rite and I FIRED HER!!!!!!!!!! I am as big a star as I ever was!!!!!!!!

Grasshoper!!!!! I like you!!!!! You are a reel qute kid and remind me of Blop and Blurp, cuz you see I all ready had kid's before!!!!! In fact, Blochalela, who is on the sho with me, is my dauter!!!!!! But any way's, you're Mom is rong, and if she dosent let you see are Godly sho you may grow up to be a deeveant prevert!!!!!! Like Mr. Indecency!!!!!!!