Sunday, September 17, 2006

Should Movies Be Censured?

There's a movie going around that has a fake scene in it where the U.S. President gets the cramps and diarrhea and has to be rushed to a toilet. Personally, we feel these kinds of movies shouldn't be made or at least, people shouldn't go see them. But the movie-going public seem to flock to flicks with shitty scenes like that. We suspect that Mr. Banana had something to do with the production with a plot involving the President eating some of Daisy's hot dogs.


Buzzoff said...

We Byhakhees aren't nearly so modest about bodily functions. We don't even have stalls, just a community toileting area. Our King once had a terrible case of diarrhea after eating a very nice Spam dish that Soggy had given him as a present and he just took a big dump right there on his throne and we all laughed our asses off! To us it's no big deal.

Mr. Banana's lawyer said...

The esteemed Mr. Banana has his finger in many pies. It is no business of yours to censure or censor him.

Indeterminacy said...

I think they should ban all pharmceutical commercials. Movie censorship should concentrate on violence and leave erotic alone.

Yankmi Chayne said...

I certainly hope nobody thinks pooping is erotic! That would be even worse than Gary the Ghoul's perverted obsession with pee!

Anonymous said...

This all reminds me of a Hot Chocolate Haiku

Cup warms my fingers:
Dark and silky, this bitter-
sweet winter escape.

rather disturbing