Friday, September 29, 2006

Pansi Sinks To All Time Low

Pansi has hit an all time low in her career as her fame and popularity diminish. We did our Paparazzi best getting this photo of Pansi and her Cave Troll in a drunken stupor outside of Ugly Grace's. She has fallen just like her status and lies in the dirt and mire of skid row. After this, we are beginning to think that a "come-back" would be impossible!


Ziggy the Zalamander Hunter said...

Pansi could join me, my cousin Iggy the Iguana Hunter and our friend Steve the Crocodile Hunter as part of the Super-Naturalist team. We will be going to Stuffed Animal Planet to study its natives and she could show us around!

PANSI said...

That is SOOOOOO RONG!!!!!!!! Before I became a SUPERSTAR I was loer then that lot'sa times!!!!!!!!