Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Da Vinci Codex

Dusty moves in close to examine the wall painting of the Last Supper by Da Vinci after scientists used a lazar to digitally re-master it and reveal it's original form which shows an apostle holding Pansi back from reading the Bible to Jesus.


weirsdo said...

That is so OBVUOUSLY a fake!!!!!!!!
Like I woud be REEDING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lammy said...

Oh! I get it! Those religious fanatics like Pansi don't read the Bible and think for themselves, they just believe whatever some preacher tells them! Must be why they call a book like that a codex, because only special people can figure it out and they tell all the others what to believe. Thanks for clearing that up Pansi.

weirsdo said...

I think it is TOTALY blasfemous to compare the HOLLY BOOK to Kotex!!!!!