Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Visit To Dog Face Girl

Dusty visited Dog Face Girl at the Blochalela Foundation, where she is being cared for during her pregnancy by Dr. Doo Doo. When asked if she felt she was getting good care, Dog Face Girl replied, "I feel goody goody goody!"

When asked if she wanted to leave, she said, "I feel goody goody goody!" And then she was asked if she was being held against her will and she answered, "I feel goody goody goody!"

Dusty noticed that although the lobby appeared to be very opulent, her room was rather scroungy in appearance and actually stunk with obnoxious and nauseating odors! When asked if she was satisfied with her accommodations, she stated, "I feel goody goody goody!"

NOTE: Dr. Doo Doo and the Blochalela Foundation are creations of Mrs. Weirsdo in the Pansi Files. Dog Face Girl is the wife of the Alien Guy. Posted by Picasa

1 comment:

Blochalela said...

Daisy and I looked in on her before Dirty got there, and it was perfectly clean!!!! Daisy says Dirty has some intestinal and behavioral problems, so we contend that he fouled the room before taking the picture!!!!!
Again, we must insist that you or some responsable person STOP THESE LIES!!!!!!