Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Real Limo

Dusty got tired of Daisy complaining about him messing up her so-called "limo" so he took his paw-spy cam and got a picture of it. Here is Daisy, Abvey, Brittney, Pansi and Mrs. Weirsdo of the Pansi Files standing in front of their transportation. Posted by Picasa


Doug said...

That's too funny. Did you find what you were looking for, Weirsdo?

Daisy said...

That is NOT MY LIMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is just another one of Dusty's LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was just a publicity photo for the parade we had before the National Cultural Festival!!!!!!!!!! We were standing in front of the NG4J float before they had really built it totaly, you know? And Mrs. Weirsdo RUINED the shot because she clumsily got her head stuck up into the horse's patootie!!!! If you ask me, she is just like Dusty. She is always sticking her nose where it doesn't belong!!!!!!!
Luckily the security trolls were able to get her out in time to cover the Festival!!!!!

Mrs. weirsdo said...

THAT is not true!!!!! My head got stuck up there because Pansi's "special" security troll--the intern you showed in your "Gymmies for Satan" post--accidentally bumped into me as he left Pansi's side just before the photo was taken. The security trolls were more of a hindrance than anything while a team of experts from the Blochalela Foundation labored to extricate me.