Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fun Breakfast

Steak Thru the Heart, or Steak Through the Heart or Steak N' Heart Restaurant is serving human breaded liver as pancakes. They are adding to the delight of breakfast by putting images on them. Religious folk think it is Jesus and Mary. News junkies think it is political candidates. Sports enthusiasts think it is the latest championship fight. Dumb-asses think it is a scene from FRIENDS sitcom tv show. Perverts think it is a porno scene. People on drugs think it is a rock concert. But they all agree that it's the taste that makes them oh so good!


Gary the Axalotl said...

Its porn stars Ron Jeramy and Jonny Wad and politishuns Prezident Richurd Nikson and Jon F Kennady peein in a yurinal togethur!

Brittney (hamster) said...

Thank you, Dusty, for yet another unsolicited rave review!

Doug said...

See? I thought that was Lucy and Desi.