Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Doobie Bear Sings Theme


G's daughter, Tali has a Teddy Bear named Doobie, which means Teddy Bear in Hebrew. Dusty Doggy got a copy of the screen test where Doobie sings the theme for the upcoming movie Gone With The Captists.


Hobbes said...

I think we have our Anastasia. Thank you very much, Doobie.

G said...

Oh my gosh!! Wait until Tali gets home from school tonight!

I'm speechless Dusty!

hashish hallie (henry's sister) said...

Well that was very nice. Just the right song to toke up to. And that bear has a cool name. But in any language Doobie means a big ole joint. Just needed to set y'all straight on that.

G said...

What would we expect from somebody named Hashish?

Doobie really made us proud with this audition. Needless to say, she's thrilled.

ariel said...

What, is Doobie on drugs? For how long? But anyway, it was a very sensitive performance, I congrat!!