Friday, June 29, 2007

Appendectomy and Aubveyectomy

Tommy Tuberville was delighted to get rid of his infected Appendix as well as the pestering cheerleader doll, Aubvey, saying now he looks forward to a great season without annoying distractions. See article.


Aubvey Winslow Tubervile said...

He say's no but he really means HELL YEAH!!!!!!!
Ah cannot beLIEVE there is not more coverage of this in the Netherworld!!!!!

Janice D'Ackinson said...

Aubvey! Is it our fault that nobody in the Netherworld had ever heard of Tommy Tuberville before you came along?

Aubvey Winslow Tubervile said...

Ah can't beLIEVE how HEATHING y'all are!!!!