Sunday, July 01, 2007

Savvy Showgal

Paris Hilton has more sense than any of those news reporters. They just want to play on or make fun of her interview on Larry King, but fail to see she actually made sense. Like she said, the paparazzi are just trying to make a living like the magazines are trying to sell copies. And she earns her money by acting the way she does. How many people get paid $50,000 just to walk into a bar and act stupid. The tradition goes back to Bo Derek, Goldie Hawn and the like. Even guys like Steve Martin and Jim Carrey have made millions acting silly. Why shouldn't girls do it. They all don't have to act like Oprah. You go girl!


Kizz Myass said...

If I could make 666,666,666 Quatloos for every time I acted stupid, I'd be a quatrillionaire!

Hobbes said...

But there's a difference between self-conscious humore and idiocy.