Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Arsewipe's Tarot Reading

by Woody, the Curmudgeon Clairvoyant

By any other name, he smells the same. And so does his singing. It is a mystery why a turd rises to the top and floats. No science nor philosophy nor reasoning can fathom the perplexing enigma of his rise to fame and how he perpetuates his success. He is shallow like scum floating on the surface of a stagnant pond.

But there will come a courtesy flush.


The Spooky Guy said...

That reading was so accurate I could smell it! Unfortunately it is a smell I know well, having in life been Arsewipe's roommate.
I am afraid to ask for a reading. I fear that it might say that I truly am cursed in eternity. But all of us are curious to know. Who is the bigger fraud--Dr. Zigmund Fraud, or Yam Man?

Arsewipe said...

Hey man, thanks for the nice reading! I know--I rule!
Poor Spooky--my heart bleeds diarrhea for him. Imagine how I felt having to smell him and that disgusting pine tree cologne that he wears! He smells like a fucking spruce forest or something!