Monday, January 22, 2007

Dr. Schitz Moonlights

Wilma Snoops was right! We checked out what she said about the good doctor dancing at the Happy Wiener or Weiner, or however you spell it. We may have to just change the name to the Happy Hot Dog. Anyway, her article is in the Crappy Times here.

This is a picture of Dr. Schitz doing the DNA Splits. If he isn't careful, he'll split his own DNA!


weirsdo said...

I'm concerned that the good doctor appears to be tearing his own head off.

The Spooky Guy said...

I am really, really disturbed that I have seen Dr. Schitz undressed in this fashion. This is a sight I hoped never to see. I do hope that other bassists with whom I have worked or am currently working do not also decide to display themselves this way!

Mickey Ratt said...

Whoa! We ought to have HIM as our Rattling Bones Undead Musician Of The Month Centerfold. Problem is, I think he's still alive, at least technically, and he's no longer in the music business. But that issue would really sell! Hell, I'm the publisher. Maybe I'll bend the rules a little!
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