Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Pansi's Lobotomy

Dusty got this amazing photo as they were wheeling Pansi out on the gurney after her so-called accident with the Cave Troll. Actually the doctors explained that she was hyperventilating due to stress and pressure in the brain from her jealousy of Daisy.


weirsdo said...

That is not TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dint you SEE the picher?????!!!!!!! Maybe all you can do is SMELL Dirty!!!!! And you sure do stink up the joint!!!!!!
I dont like the looks of that doc with the glasses on the rite!!!!! I don't think hes concernd with my FOOT at ALL!!!!! And I dont think he has JESUS on his mind eather!!!!!!!

weirsdo said...

Besides, I told you befor we dont HAVE branes!!!!!