Thursday, January 19, 2006

Dusty and Daisy

Dusty tries to cut in on Romeo to dance with Daisy at the ball. To see the cartoon, click on the picture. Hit your back button on your browser to return.


weirsdo said...

Thank you!! Toyplayer will love it.
And Daisy finally learned Dusty's name. Actually I think she's just been calling him "Dirty" because she doesn't like him.

Tom & Icy said...

My bad. I noticed the mistake but it was too confusing for me to change it. This is the first time for a story-line cartoon for me with this flash maker and it's hard to concentrate on everything. Like walking and chewing gum, you know?

weirsdo said...

Not to worry. I think she really knew the name all along. I've been watching the background of this. I like how you made it look as if Mr. Banana was lifting Sissy up and really dancing with her.