Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Investigation of B. F. Continues

Dusty's investigative reporting continues as he probes the radical (and we do mean rad!) treatments that border on torture at the Blochalela Foundation. Dusty took this photo of his daughter, Icy, as Blochalela makes her sky dive when she went there for treatment of fear of height and vertigo that she suffers when humans pick her up to pet her. The really sad part is that they didn't provide parachutes!

Blochalela is a character of The Pansi Files

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Blochalela said...

That is SO UNTRUE!!!!!!!! You should be ashamed of yourself, Dirty!!!!!!!!!!! This is a still from our new movie, "Revenge of the Doo-Doos," a sequel to "I Dismember Doo-Doo"!!!!
No animals or Barbies were harmed in either film!!!!!