Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Thunderstorm Song

This is a song I made back in 1998 with a MTV computer music program while I was sitting in the house on a stormy night listening to the monotonous rhythm of rain beating on the tin roof over my back porch or patio and occasional random thunder claps. I have long since lost that program and forgot about my amateur attempt at creating music until Nessa mentioned that she liked to listen to thunderstorm sounds or ambient music. The songs I made had been transferred when I got new computers; I found them through a search. I put the video from old clips of Lammy just to fill space while the so-called music played. I have been thinking of getting a new version of a music making program because I can't put any of my videos on YouTube when I use published music.


Nessa said...

Oh, you should definitely make your own music so you can go on Youtube. You deserve a wider audience.

Thursday Thirteen - My Drive to Work

Hobbes said...

It's interesting that you want to make music even though you once commented that you can't make sense of it.
This has a hypnotic quality. Perhaps Brown Bear Brownie could use it in his practice.

Cheesemeister said...

Yes, I agree. Make your own music. But just don't upset Axe Man. He may think you're trying to compete.
I guess most people aren't imaginative enough to think of what to say on your blogs, but they are among my favorites.
I love thunderstorms too.