Monday, September 21, 2009

Lambkin's Story

Lambkin was born Jan. 18, 2007. That makes her less than three-years-old. But she is mature beyond her age.

Lammy was pregnant when she died in a accident trying to reverse the curse that Enditall the Witch cast on her giving her a lamb's head. She went to court and got her death reversed and her life was restored along with her child, Lambkin.

Lammy made Axe Man think the child was his in order not to be kicked off his contest show, but it was in fact the child of Peter Piper, who was half goat and half man. This caused the child to look like a sheep.

Lammy finally went to the late Dr. Quincy, who went into plastic surgery after his death and he restored Lammy as well as the child to human appearance. But Lambkin's growth was almost doubled by the treatment. Thus Mia Lamb, called Lambkin, has the maturity of a five-year-old.


Hobbes said...

What a yarn.
Seriously, thanks for clearing that up.

iggy the iguana hunter said...

It's generally not too hard to convince Axe Man of things. He's sort of low on the evolutionary chain, brain-wise.
Would anyone like to join me for some chips? It's the word verification!