Sunday, October 12, 2008

Un-Science Lesson of Un-Physics For The Un-Dead

Lyanne Sakks. with the help of Prof. Snewgflo, gives us a lesson about the Netherworld. She called Prof. Snewgflo, doctor. But we all make mistakes now and then.


kizz myass, lusty leprechaun reporter said...

'Ey Lyanne! Since yer an' Derdy Dan are naw longer a couple, Oi wus tinkin yer an' me cud compare our sexy panties! Dat wud be a science lesson--biology. An' a soshal sciences lesson too--fashion. We'd really be a couple av smart cookies if we got together for sum science!

Hobbes said...

If Prof. Snewgflo has a Ph. D. it's o. k. to call him doctor.

Indeterminacy said...

She's pretty. Maybe it's nice in the Netherworld!