Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Snewgflo and Enditall Siblings

After watching the Lord Iffy Show on the Cheesemeister blog complilation website, it did emphasize the question raised by Black Bear Hobbes of Stuffed Animal Tales in the etheric blog comments communication system. Hobbes made a rhetorical question observing that Enditall the Witch and Prof. Snewgflo each have green skin, which could indicate that they are related somehow, either racially or genetically. Also there is a similarity in that Enditall is a witch and Snewgflo is a warlock alchemist. It is considered in some circles that a warlock is a male version of a witch. Upon investigating and researching the akashic hall of records, we made the startling discovery that Enditall and Snewgflo are siblings.


Cuzzin Lucille-Priscilla-Divinia-Joe-Bob said...

Well, well, well. Has they ever had sexual like relations? Not that it matters or nothin--it's all relative-like!

Hobbes said...

I think their bone structures are similar.