Sunday, February 26, 2006

Android Lust Book

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Chemise said...

John the Divine??!!! Really???? You're sure you're not going just the TEENSIEST bit too far there?
I just want to THANK all the LITTLE people. My book would not have been possible without "Johnny D.," "The Bard of Avon," etc., etc. . . .
Ciao DAHling!!!

Liese C. Khanna said...

Hello Dusty, nice work. I wouldnt have known how very successful AL has become.
Congrats to Chemise Torn.

Liese C. Khanna said...

Dusty, would you give me a tutorial on how to post slide shows?

Chemise said...

Thank you, DAHling! Really the reward was just to produce such an imPORtant work!

Anonymous said...

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