Saturday, November 05, 2005

Sissy Is A "Kept" Woman

Dusty got this great shot of Sissy scrubbing the floors for Mr. Banana to earn her keep and fulfill her obligations and duty to him as his "kept" woman in accordance with the customs of his heritage. Naturally Sissy claims this voluntary servitude is an act of "love" for Mr. Banana, but Dusty snooped out the facts that she has agreed to this contractual slavery and prostitution in exchange for her being allowed to perform occasionally with the real Naked Gymnastics for Jesus cast on their show on the Stuffed Animal Channel (check with your local cable or satellite provider for specific time and availability).

Visit The Pansi Files for more details and to hear her audio bio.


Sissy said...

You are disGUSTing, DUSTY!!!!! Just like Daisy said!!!!! Peeking at me when I am playing French maid with Mr. Banana!!!!!!! Since I hear there is plenty of incest in YOUR family, I don't see why you are trying to make out like our innocent role playing games are something sordid and DIRTY, like you're "MIND"!!!!!!!

Mrs. weirsdo said...

I'm sure "Asinine News" must be a lot of work for you, Dusty, but I just wanted you to know that Mall Diva and especially Toyplayer LOVE it! Please don't stop your investigative endeavors!!